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  5. "音乐声音小一点儿,不会影响邻居。"


Translation:Turn the music volume down a little so it won't disturb the neighbors.

November 26, 2017



Music volume sounds really unnatural. "Turn the volume down" or "Turn the music down" are both ok but they don't sound right together


The sentence also does not even say volume.

声音 is sound or voice. 音量 is volume.

So it is wrong in both languages...


”音乐“ is in the given sentence, so it has to be the music volume.


That isn't necessarily true. A lot of devices that output sound have different sound output levels (including windows past version 7) so you could have a sound output and a voice output, in which case the precision would be applicable and not awkward.


it makes no sense to distinguish the source of sound in the given context.


How does English speaker understand there is an imperative here?


Exactly my question. I thought it is a statement: "The music is a bit silent."


I think the verb here is implied under the adjective 小 (see WillowsofXihu's comment above). One English equivalent would be if you're giving directions ("left" for "go left").


Another English answer to learn by heart, just to pass...


There is no verb in the first statement, so it's not a demand, and there is no 如果, so it's not a hypothetic.

I don't underatand how this is acceptable Chinese...


因果关系 (because..so...) is sometimes expressed as in this sentence, without conjunctions; but more importantly, English doesn't allow strings of grammatically unconnected clauses like Chinese does, so "so" has been added here to make the English correct. (I'll admit I was slightly baffled myself when I first saw this sentence, not sure whether Duo wanted a subordinate phrase or just a semicolon!)

As to the lack of verb, Chinese predicates do not necessarily require one, but the wording given does sound slightly awkward. I would have gone with a "把"字句 like "请把音乐放小一点". Your "请降低音量" is acceptable as well.


I think "Turn the volume down a little, don't disturb the neighbors" is good English, isn't it? I mean there are ways to link two ideas without conjunctions, just like in Chinese.


There are indeed ways but this one isn't correct. (Use a semicolon or a full stop between independent clauses without a conjunction.)


What is meant is to lower the sound of the music in order not to disturb the neighbors


请降低音量 or 请把音量开小一点。makes sense in Chinese....


My unaccepted translation: "Turn down the music a little bit so it won't disturb the neighbors." Reported 8.11.19


"Lower the sound of the music, so it won't disturb the neighbors" should be accepted.


Why is it not accepted with "a little bit", if there it is in the Chinese sentence?


where is "turn"........


不然會影響鄰居 ,or "才"不會影響鄰居


can you turn down a volume in english? this may be too much nonsense even for english!.


You can turn down'the' volume because it is the volume of the music. Turn down 'a' volume is just nonsense, because it suggests no one knows or cares what the sound we are talking about is!


"音乐声音小一点儿" "The music sound is a little low" ??


What is meant is to lower the sound of the music in order not to disturb the neighbors


The English language used here is as nonsensical as it can get! It’s typically a literal translation which is WRONG in learning any language.


I translated it as: "The music volume is lower, it will not disturb the neighbor."

There is nothing in the Chinese sentence to indicate a request or command is being given. It could just as likely be an explanation for why someone just turned the volume down or why they choose to play low music.

"The music volume is lower, it will not disturb the neighbor."
"The music volume is a bit low, so it will not disturb the neighbor."

Both of those should be accepted.


I would be also interested. Maybe if it was 一点儿小 instead of 小一点儿 it would mean that?


You have to be a bit more flexible with alternative translations, especially when they're starting to get complicated.


Especially when the only one accepted is also a little bit wrong


A little lower music volume will not disturb the neighbours. An awkward sentence to translate, and (of course) it was not aacepted.


This one sucks...


The chinese translation is awkward


"Turn the music down a bit, so as not to disturb the neighbours." Should also be accepted!


A little easy to answer, isn't this one?


This fked up sentence makes you wanna quit. But I will persevere through.


I think the translation should be: The sound of music is lower , it will not disturb the neighbors,

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