"Where do you go to work out?"


November 26, 2017

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So... why can't it be "you go work out/exercise where" like almost all of the sentences I have been seeing?

"你去锻炼哪儿?" Why would this be wrong?


Place must go right before the main verb. The question word "where" (哪儿) is the place. "Work out" (锻炼) is the main verb.


You are right about the order but one small correction. Go 去 is the main verb and work out 锻炼 is the infinitive so it means place must go immediately after the main verb and the infinitive "work out" after the place.


Thanks. On a second look, you're right. What I wrote would really be the grammar for 你在哪儿锻炼. In 你去哪儿锻炼, it's really that 哪儿 needs to come after 去 to mean "go where".


Can you please give better explanation? more clarification is needed. place? is the place? like thinking about the location? or place/order in sentence?


He means "place" as the "where" ; not the place (location) in the sentence.


What about, 你锻炼在哪儿?


你去哪里运动 should be accepted.


Native speaker here. 运动 itself is a noun. It means "sports" or "exercise" it can't be used in the same way as 锻炼 which is a verb "to exercise". You must use 做 with 运动 as in 你去哪里做运动?(which i tested is accepted) but you cannot use 运动 by itself. This is also explained by duolingo in the very chapter where 运动 is introduced.


Why would you not say 在哪儿? I am so use to using 在 for place.


在哪儿 means being AT somewhere. It shows being in one place. It does not show movement. 去哪儿 means GOING TO a place. It shows movement where that place is the destination.


I remember being frustrated with English when after getting used to a phrase 'I study AT school' I was sudden;y supposed to say 'I am going TO school'. In Russian we would use the same preposition in both cases, but English is different like that. So Chinese also has something different from English...


Where do you go to do excercise?


"Do exercise" does not sound natural to me.


Yes, "... go to exercise." would be proper, and should be accepted.


Hmm, "鍛煉" is not coming up in the MDBG dictionary for me.


more grammatical explanation is needed. Why is "你去锻炼哪里?" wrong?

When exactly does question word go to the front(first word in sentence)? When does it go to the end (last word in sentence)? When does it go one place before the last word in the sentence? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Think of the question word like a fill-in-the-blank. The question word goes in the same place in the sentence where the answer to that question word will go. 你去哪儿锻炼? --我去体育馆锻炼。 你吃什么?--我吃米饭。 谁喜欢跑步?--我喜欢跑步。


Good comments.Yes, the accepted constructions of DL can be somewhat confusing with respect to word order at times. That is, unfortunately, DL is not 100% consistent with their translations This exercise is a perfect example. Still report if you truly feel that your answer should be accepted.

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