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  5. "Wie viele Kinder hast du?"

"Wie viele Kinder hast du?"

Translation:How many children do you have?

November 26, 2017



How many children have you is also correct English.


I agree with Kathleen. "How many children have you" is perfectly good English and should be accepted along with the Duolingo answer.


Not "How many children you've"


My answer was, "how many children have you?" You suggested "How many children do you"ve" which is definitely wrong


How many children have you got? Should be accepted


Report it if you'd like.


How many children have you - is a neater translation I would have thought


That's not a common wording for most native speakers of today's English, I believe, so while it corresponds more closely to the German wording, I wouldn't consider it "neater" as it is less natural for many speakers.

Even closer would be "How many children hast thou?", but that would be natural for an even smaller number of today's native speakers, I believe.


Sorry, mizinamo, I disagree. I'd say, "How many children have you?" is probably quite common, especially given the other comments on this thread.


Thanks for the "vote of confidence" for "How many children have you?" being common in at least some places! It's difficult to be aware of English usage in all places in the world.

My impression is still that worldwide (and especially in the US, given that Duolingo generally uses US English), it's less common, so I still think that it's not "the neatest translation". But it's accepted now.


I gave the answer Duo wanted and it was accepted BUT it is COMPLETELY WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Can you be more specific, please?

What exactly did you write that was accepted but that you think is wrong?

What do you think would be a correct answer, and why?


The suggested answer of, "How many children do you've," is certainly awkward English.

"How many children do you have?" or (as suggested by multiple folks above) "How many children have you?" would both be more true-to-life.

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