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"They will terminate the contact."

Translation:Sie werden den Kontakt abbrechen.

November 26, 2017



Sie werden den Kontakt beenden.


I do not understand, why my translation: "Sie werden den Kontakt beenden" is not accepted. "Beenden" is the main meaning of "to terminate" and I find, it is an arbitrary decision to exclude this meaning. I have reported it.


I wrote the same : Sie werden den Kontakt beenden. And think this translation should be accepted.


The english sounds really strange - like something from a thriller meaning "they will kill their associate" rather than the intended meaning which I think is "they will cease to be in contact with someone". I think I would say "they will break contact" using 'contact' as a verb, not a noun, is better english.


Sie werden den Kontakt beenden. Meine eigene Sprache verarscht mich


What about sie brechen den kontakt ab?


And what is with a translation for "will terminate" - that is the future conjugation?!

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