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Vocabulary list?

Hello! A large number of vocabulary coupled with frequent homonyms means I've been struggling to keep up with some of the tone and character nuances. Duolingo has flashcards available for some of the romance languages which would be extremely useful for the mandarin course. Does anyone know of an accessible vocabulary list for the Chinese course, or a roughly equivalent set of online flashcards that could be used as a study guide?


November 26, 2017



One of the users made a card deck on Memrise (click here to see the original post)


As far as I know, the course is relatively in line with the first level(s) of HSK, so HSK decks for Anki could be quite useful.


To help practice with your HSK vocabulary, I recommend HSK Online APP. This APP has not only vocabulary list, but also all the exercises from HSK level 1 to level 6, and it's really helpful. http://www.hskonline.com/app

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