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"I am not a student."


November 26, 2017



wo is me in chinese


Or I - I not student, tried to push am in, and I was wrong - many languages do not use the verb to be as in English.


Why 我不是学生 here and not in 我不高兴?


It's a difference of nouns vs adjectives. I'll try to explain :-)

是 is used to say someone is a noun. (Examples: I am a student. You are a teacher. We are people.) When we make a negative, it becomes 不是. (Ex. I am not a student.)

  • 我是学生 = I am a student (noun)
  • 我不是学生 = I am not a student (noun)

In your other example, it is describing someone as an adjective. (Examples: I am happy. You are fast. We are nice.) In the positive, it would be 很 instead of 是. (我很高兴). Negative sentences however, do not use 不很, just 不.

  • 我很高兴 = I am happy (adjective)
  • 我不高兴 = I am not happy (adjective)


Thank you so much for the reply! That makes complete sense! Much appreciated!


Thanks man this was of great help.


Tbh, for this to be grammatically correct, it should be 我是个学生。 我不是学生 would translate to 'I'm not student'.


It should be 我不是个学生.

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