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Your motivation?

I've seen many people who have achieved really high levels, have finished trees, and have incredibly long streaks, and these are the people who inspire me to learn languages.

What inspires you?

November 26, 2017




And by that I do not only mean the idea of "hey look I know languages!" but the access to many sources of knowledge that are not translated into my language (or into English). Books, movies,tv shows and documentaries, but also primary sources like letters and all that stuff. Knowing a new language helps me have access to all of that.

But also the possibility of working/living in any other places (specially those of the first five languages of my list.) After all "When in Rome, do as the romans do", and that, for me, includes speaking the language.


I agree. But the idea of 'Hey, look! I know languages!' helps too. It's nice to know that you know lots of languages. Also, Bragging Rights! But not in a mean way, never.


Mind you, I totally agree there with you, even if I am not much of a bragging type myself. XD


my ever decreasing german grade inspires me (and dallon weekes although he has nothing to do with german, i just love him)


I have a decent grade in French, but my teacher, Madame Porter, really helps!


Learning about others' cultures through the languages they speak.

In the four or so years that I've committed to self-learning languages, I've met a lot of people all over the world, and had so many enlightening conversations. Language forces me outside my bubble, and gives me different perspectives on life. That inspires me every day.


Yeah. Languages DO kind of force me out of my comfort zone to speak up and learn!


Dear Lost Sun,

Duolingo. Duolingo is my motivation.

I have a lot of motivations, honestly. There are so many things that inspire me to learn foreign languages. But Duolingo really is the ultimate and main point and reason I'm here today.

I have started learning a lot of languages here on Duolingo, about 7, and even though only my French course shows, all the while I am studying many more!

Duolingo is a really helpful resource and I think most of us using it currently agree with me that we wouldn't have as much knowledge of languages had Duolingo not existed.

I thank the creators of Duolingo for being so willing to help us. That is my motivation because if they are willing to help other people learn languages, and if they put up so much effort, why shouldn't we do the same? We should show Duolingo how much we appreciate their hard work.

If they can do, why can't we?

Thank you SO much, Duolingo. I wouldn't be where I am today without your help and non-stop encouragement. Keep up the good effort!

Yours truly, Umaiza Faruqui!


Hi;) Where are you from?


My mental fitness. Also, languages and the new ways they allow you to see the world are awesome.



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What inspires me is to see a humble person like you caring for team work.That attitude motivates us before you.

[deactivated user]

    My main motivation is the leaderboard. I always want to be near the top and I will do everything I can to get to the top 3. It's difficult when you follow more than 200 people. (>_<)

    I'm not talking about just the weekly or monthly leaderboard, I am talking about the all-time leaderboard, too. It feels awesome to pass someone on there! (✯◡✯)

    And then there's my tree goal: complete every single tree. That keeps me motivated and also curious and intrigued.

    After I complete every single tree, I will be focusing on getting as many languages to Lv. 25 as possible. I also want to hit 1 million total XP.


    Great motivation! I'm the last on my all-time leader-board though.

    BTW it will take a long time to get to 1 million XP since every extra 0 is a tenfold increase. Good luck!


    Motivation is fine. But to conect with it you will need your feelings. Thats what conect us to everything..Motivaton is not direct conection..


    The thought of, one day, being able to hold a fluent conversation with someone in their language!


    Seeing my streak number climb, and getting the strength bars of my lessons gold. Sometimes if I'm close to leveling up in a language, that'll motivate me to do more as well. :)


    Fun is my motivation. I always thought it would be cool to know another language at a decent level. It turns out I was right!


    Now that I am so close to 1000, keeping the streak going is part of my daily inspiration.

    Aside from that, I have a specific goal for my learning of Spanish and Hebrew, so I need to stick to my daily commitment. The other languages are just for fun because learning is fun.


    If you haven't yet, now's the perfect time to read This Discussion. It outlines the most common pitfalls of streak loss to help people anticipate then and see their streak stay in place. Best to you for reaching 1,000! :)

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