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English for Swedish speakers?

I don't know where else to pose this question, but considering it's the 8th most popular language for English speakers, when will duolingo be adding an English course for Swedish speakers? I'm trying to learn Swedish (wife's side) before I move there in a few years, but it would be nice if my in-laws could learn English at the same time.

November 26, 2017



That would be a wonderful addition to Duolingo, but I'm not sure I can do anything but wait and see. I'm not a moderator, but hopefully, a mod will comment and show you, or tell you why or why not they can release the language. Also, check in the incubator, I think I've seen English for Swedish speakers in there somewhere! Hope this helps! Umaiza Faruqui:)


No, there are three courses teaching Swedish (for speakers of English and Arabic, plus one on the way for Russian speakers). There are no courses for Swedish speakers in the Incubator.


I agree, we definitely need an English course for Swedish speakers. I am a Swede myself and learning German on Duolingo. And I notice that even though my English is quite good I surprisingly often get the English wrong when answering a question. I also agree it could be a great tool for all Swedish kids.


Almost all Swedes speak English fluently. You will find very few under 75 that will struggle with speaking English. Even my grandparents who are around 80 speak some English. My maternal grandpa was the only one of them who never learned to speak it since he finished school before it became mandatory (from 1946 and forward).


I have many friends here in Sweden, who want to improve their English. So I can't understand why there are no courses from Swedish to English, and also to other languages as you have to be fairly good at English to do a course in another language from English. Not many swedish people are that good!


Here's an idea: Make it using the incubator. Find the incubator here: https://incubator.duolingo.com

:) Have fun! Hope you have a great time with your family.

Sincerely, -Zink


Um - people just can't go in and start using the incubator. The process is:

1) interested people apply via the incubator application process. They should ALREADY be effectively bilingual in the two languages in question and willing to commit to volunteering many hours a week.

2) Duolingo may (or may not) at some point decide to develop a course for the language pair in question. The process for decision-making is not particularly transparent, but it's pretty evident that the relationship to popular demand for the language is oblique, at best.

3) If Duolingo decides to develop the course, it picks two course contributors (based presumably on the criteria above) from the applicants. (My impression is that there is generally no shortage of applicants.)

4) The two original course contributors pick the other members of the committee from the applicants.


This is discussed every so often on the forums. The general consensus is that most Swedes have learned to speak English so well that the course isn't needed and would be little used.

It would be super for those who have finished the Swedish for English speakers course to use as a reverse course.


I would like to see an English for Swedish speakers. True most swedes peak English but that is my generation. We grew up watching TV in original languages. Most TV programs were from the US. We grew up before cable TV and streaming services. Now with Netflix and other streaming services all shows for kids and teenagers are provided in multiple languages. My kids will always go for the Swedish version if they can. So they don't train themselves as much as we did. My kids need more English training time than school can provide. A lot of kids are struggling with English and need a tutor. Duo could be that tutor. There are already English courses for German speakers and Spanish speakers and and one in the incubator for Dutch speakers and a bunch of other languages. There is a Swedish course for English speakers so I'm thinking how hard could it be to get it done?

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