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Is there an option for traditional Chinese?

I did the placement test in traditional (then deleted the course so I could focus on my other picks) and found no problems with getting the answers accepted, so I wonder if there's an option to switch the text to traditional generally.

November 26, 2017



I hope a moderator will reply to this post. I personally have used simplified and traditional characters, and I think so far they are using Mandarin Chinese (Simplified) with Pinyin. I hope they also release a traditional Chinese/Cantonese language for English speakers, but for now I cannot say if they will or will not release traditional Chinese. If you feel inclined to help make it a language, please see the following link to make an addition to Duolingo: https://incubator.duolingo.com


Currently the course teaches only Simplified Chinese, and Traditional characters are accepted throughout the course. :) But I too hope they will add the Traditional course too, eventually. ^^


Hello, no there isn't but I've written an extension here if people are interested I will go through the whole process of putting it in the chrome store.

here is a video


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