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Best. Launch. Ever.

I've been on Duolingo for about two years now, which means that I've seen a number of new languages added on the web and on mobile. I was wondering, for those of you who have been around long enough to see some launches (which could mean as little as a few weeks, given that Chinese just got added), which one did you think was the best? Which course made you feel comfortable and confident from the beginning? What were the features that you really like(d) about the course?

(I know that there are always some glitches when courses launch, and things that people would like to have seen included, but let's make this about the positive stuff.)

To answer my own question, I'm really impressed with the Czech course, in particular the detailed tips and notes thus far. Slavic languages can be tricky, and it's cool that the course creators put such thought into how to explain the intricacies.

November 26, 2017



I was amazed by the Japanese course even though it is still in Beta. I have just started learning Japanese at university this year, and I was one of the worst students while we were still at Hiragana and Katakana writing systems x) But once Japanese on Duo rolled out, I instantly started the course and my knowledge in Kana systems rose so high that I was able to beat out all of my groupmates :) I got the highest grade in mid-term exam of Japanese, and continue being one of the greatest students of this semester. ^^

I love new Chinese course too, as it helps me maintain my knowledge of Chinese and advance, no matter I had to drop out of Chinese class at university this semester, because I didn't like the new teacher and also because I had really tough work timeframe. :) These two courses of Duolingo help me a lot. ^^


Tamuna10, this was really inspiring to read! Thanks for sharing! :)


You're welcome ^^ I'm really happy that we all can help each other throughout the site. Duolingo is really an amazing tool. :)


The site itself is easy to navigate, and it's great that user can receive help from others. Good luck! :)


I swear, nothing can come close to the buzz of Dutch launching in 2014. The first x for English speakers course to be released in beta from the Incubator, and the contributors between Dutch and Danish were in a race to finish first. The excitement was tangible throughout the community, and the Dutch course was an absolute joy to complete. Esme and Kai were two of the friendliest contributors, and really enhanced the course experience with their tidbits about Dutch culture.

Though, I will say the launch of Norwegian in May 2015 was a blast. I think nearly everyone raced their friends to complete the course as fast as they could. We were all pretty shocked when we learned the word count for the course, that meant people had 'learned' nearly 3000 words in two days (the quickest finishers). Norwegian is still the highest quality x for English speakers course in my eyes.


Second ya on Dutch. It's the reason why I completed the tree even though I'd never studied or even considered it. And now it's something I still keep up with!

Russian had an awesome launch as well, after like two years of agonizingly slow but steady progress.


For me, the best launch was Russian. I had been following every bit of progress of that with bated breath, and when it finally launched it was just amazing.


Esperanto is the best and has a great cause.

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