Anyone else learning Chinese because of "Journey to the West?"

I really love the story of Sun Wukong. I have read two different complete english translations (all 100 chapters) and watched several tv versions, not to mention the new movies. I was able to pick up a few Chinese words from tv, mostly words like "teacher" and "big brother", and I dreamed of being able to understand more of the language, and now here is my opportunity!

I have a pretty large collection of JTTW figures and I went to China at Epcot and tried to ask if they had any statues of Sun Wukong, but apparently my inflection was wrong because I had to say "Monkey King" before they understood me. I was a bit embarrased.

Guess I’d better go practice Greeting 1... again.

One question before I go: Which keyboard(s) on ipad and android are best to go with this course? Thanks.

November 26, 2017


You can start by reading children's adaptations of 西遊記. I grew up with both English and Chinese (children's version for Chinese) versions of Journey to the West. It wasn't until I took a year's worth of classical Chinese that I was able to understand the original text of 西遊記. Even then, I was referencing the footnotes a lot. The Chinese language has evolved immensely since the Ming and Qing dynasties.

November 27, 2017

Good idea! I’ll start searching around when I’ve gone further through the tree.

November 27, 2017
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