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Anyone else learning Chinese because of "Journey to the West?"

I really love the story of Sun Wukong. I have read two different complete english translations (all 100 chapters) and watched several tv versions, not to mention the new movies. I was able to pick up a few Chinese words from tv, mostly words like "teacher" and "big brother", and I dreamed of being able to understand more of the language, and now here is my opportunity!

I have a pretty large collection of JTTW figures and I went to China at Epcot and tried to ask if they had any statues of Sun Wukong, but apparently my inflection was wrong because I had to say "Monkey King" before they understood me. I was a bit embarrased.

Guess I’d better go practice Greeting 1... again.

One question before I go: Which keyboard(s) on ipad and android are best to go with this course? Thanks.

November 26, 2017



You can start by reading children's adaptations of 西遊記. I grew up with both English and Chinese (children's version for Chinese) versions of Journey to the West. It wasn't until I took a year's worth of classical Chinese that I was able to understand the original text of 西遊記. Even then, I was referencing the footnotes a lot. The Chinese language has evolved immensely since the Ming and Qing dynasties.


Good idea! I’ll start searching around when I’ve gone further through the tree.

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