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How to learn grammar?

I have lots of problems with learning the French grammar. I always forget it. I have a grammar book at home, but it's like 340 pages thick.

It's very demotivating to see all the rules, exceptions etc...

So can someone please tell me how to learn it in an easy (maybe even fun) way? (don't say "grammar isn't necessary" because it is -_-)

Thank you in advance!

November 26, 2017



I agree. Start with a simple book such as "French in 10 minutes a day" available on Amazon. Used copies are cheap. I used the French and Chinese copies many times. You will learn the basics and it will help.


I love this website https://conjuguemos.com/!! It teaches you grammar and has fun but very helpful games. I would really recommend it!!

The games only work on desktop though!


In all honesty, what has helped me is just writing about things that I want to write about in French. Write about your day in French for a few months and that will definitely help you learn the rules. After you write a day, have a friend who speaks it fluently correct your mistakes! It's a fun way to learn. There is also an app called HelloTalk where you can talk to people around the world in their native language!


The Tips and Notes given here on Duolingo are the best to start off with. After I was done with all the lessons in a skill, I read the grammar notes accompanying the lesson, (the skill THEN the notes, that's the advice Duo gives in it's first note, and it works), then started the next skill. If I was reading a grammar note that referenced to another, and I had forgotten it, I wouldn't hesitate to spend time re-reading the old note (yeah, I did forgot a lot of things too). But - who is going to 'learn' these notes? Well, I never learnt the notes! The key is not to go through the lessons too fast, so you can practice these notes in the sentences that you get. My basic French grammar became pretty solid enough that way.

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I think grammar's important, but I wouldn't spend a large percentage of my learning time going over rules. Instead, spend most of your language time practicing the language itself (on Duo or in other exercises) and immersing yourself in the language (in music, videos, TV shows, podcasts, etc.).

I think that other stuff is necessary for you to truly understand the grammar rules.

When you do go over grammar, find youtube videos, podcasts, books, or whatever that explain something you want to know. If you like the way something's explained, bookmark the link (or save the podcast). Don't worry if you haven't mastered it after going over it once. Continue to look up other aspects of the French language.

Then, in a week go back and look at the explanation again. A month later, look at it again. And so on.

It'll sink in more and more each time you review it. All of a sudden you'll realize an error you're making and you'll stop it. You'll start noticing one small rule every time it appears in your immersion material.

In short: you're not really going to memorize a complex rule in a day or two, so don't try. Go over it once, come back to it after time has passed, and keep going back to it until you've basically memorized it without trying to memorize it.

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