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TinyCards: Chinese Time and Day Deck!

Hi there. I don't like to self advertise, but I made a time and day deck for Mandarin! I think it’s quite good and it’ll help if you checked it out and gave it some feedback!

https://tiny.cards/decks/a95ff969-66ff-46e8-86a6-238ea8cce018 谢谢和再见!

November 26, 2017



I cannot complete it, because I cannot type chinese characters...

As I hear, the Chinese side (pinyin) has an English pronunciation. This can be misleading.


There actually is no Chinese audio, so I’ll try and get something similar.


There are many online Chinese input methods (no need to install): such as InputKing. refer: http://chinesedigger.blogspot.com/2009/11/web-ime.html

or you can add Chinese keyboard on any laptop or mobile device. refer http://chinesedigger.blogspot.com/2008/05/chinese-input.html

Those pages are written in Chinese, but many of links have English or you can use google translate.


你是最棒的! Thank you!


I tried the three exercises and quite liked what you've done. I must agree with jzsuzsi though, that the pronunciation sounds English - or at least not like a native Chinese speaker is saying the words. I didn't realize that "hao" added "th" to numbers - as in eighth, fourth. etc. That was good to learn. Thanks for your efforts.


No problem! There actually is no Chinese pronunciation, but maybe I'll put something more similar on in the future.


It is interesting, thanks. However, the pronunciation is not quite correct. It does not have the Chinese tones either. I'm wondering if it can be improved.


I know, there is no Chinese voice so I'll try using phonetic.

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