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Duolingo Event Ideas?

I've been thinking of becoming a host for Duolingo Events for a while. However, I am currently living in a small college town that I don't know very well (originally I am from a bigger city) so I was going to wait until I knew my way around better or I left. The thing is, I don't know what I would do for the events and I was wondering if someone could share what their experiences were? I was also wondering, what happens if the host moves? Do we just change the location for the event or do we have to start over?

November 26, 2017



if you're creating one for more advanced learners, you could google icebreakers and do those, but in the target language.


Oooh that is a good idea!


I went to two duolingo events: Budapest Spanish.

It was simple, we sat at a table, and talked in Spanish, everyone intorduced themselves and then just talked about random stuff.

For the second time, the host gave us some Duolingo stickers and had some slips of paper with Spanish questions. It was fun.

Next time, maybe we will play a game.


Ah okay, thank you! Duolingo Events has all these complicated suggestions like going to museums and such but since I live in a small town we don't really have much.

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