"That's a lot of books."

Translation:Das sind viele Bücher.

November 26, 2017



Why is "ist" not correct here? A group as a unit can be referred to as a singular in English. Is that not allowed in German? -- That is a lot of books. Which books? That group of books. It is a group.

November 26, 2017


German does not use a collective noun here as does English ("lot"), hence you need to use the plural form of the verb (as you would in English if you said Those are many books.)

November 27, 2017


What is the difference between viele and viel?

December 28, 2017


in general: viele = many, viel = much

So, one is used with countable nouns, the other with uncountable ones.

December 29, 2017


Why is "Diese sind viele Bücher" wrong? PLEASE HELP ME

December 19, 2017


diese (explicitly plural) refers to a subset of something you had discussed before, i.e. "these ones".

The "ones" stands for whatever you had been discussing, e.g. "books".

But "These books are a lot of books" or "These ones are a lot of books" doesn't make sense.

In the English sentence, you're not referring back to something you had talked about before, but are introducing something new to the conversation -- pointing at something and saying, "That's a lot of books."

Such new topics in German are introduced in the neuter singular, e.g. with das or dies, regardless of the gender of the new thing(s) or how many there are.

December 19, 2017


In English the translation is That is a lot of books. Whilst in German the plural refers to the books separately as many: in English it refers to the books collectively as one group of books.

January 30, 2018


Why is there not an article before Bucher?

February 3, 2018


Because there's viele already -- many, a lot of.

February 3, 2018


What about "Diese sind viele Bücher". Is it correct?

December 21, 2017


No, it is not. See the comment thread started by vickhitomi, please.

December 22, 2017


Could I also say "diese Bücher sind zu viele" as in: "These books are too many" ?

January 9, 2018


It sounds a bit odd to me, using zu viele predicatively like that.

I'd probably say Das sind zu viele Bücher "That's too many books; Those are too many books".

January 9, 2018


How to differentiate between 'That is a lot of books' and 'These are a lot of books'?

April 1, 2019


They're the same in German.

April 1, 2019
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