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Hey Guys!!!

I was just wondering if there are any news about the vocabulary feature! It is probably one of the most important features, WAS actually and i really don't see any updates on it! Is it really gone forever? Or at least someone should give us an ETA or just let us know if it will be back or not. And please don't link back the post of Mr. Luis von Ahn . I think i speak for alot of people here when i say that we really deserve an answer for this because we are waiting for this feature for a long time now and beside a vague "it's under construction", we got nothing!

Many Thanks.

April 8, 2014



Do you mean a way to see all the words you have learned? Because if so that would be incredibly useful as im always forgetting the less used words.


I loved the vocabulary and I used it a lot when I started learning Spanish. So now that I started German I really miss it! I hope it will come soon and I hope it will be improved in some way so that it would worth the long time without it!


A lot of features from the old-format site are still missing from the new one. :(

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No, it's not gone forever. It will be back next month, or possibly earlier.


I suggest you read through this post from a short while back. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2348556

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