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    OK guys. I really want to learn korean like i have to do it or i gonna die, but its so hard. I need some help. can somone give some tips to remind all this words and grammar? im getting mad and i just in level 7. please help.

    November 27, 2017



    Take your time. Practice every day a little. Search for internet content in Korean. Don't hurry to finish the tree. Eventually it'll work out :)


    It really is something that you need to work on everyday. I recommend making flash cards for new vocab words you come across and try to start journaling your day in Korean. This will help you learn words that are important to you and motivate you to look up grammar that you would use the most often. Also, check out talktomeinkorean.com. They explain things really well and make learning fun. They also have a youtube channel that is really helpful too. The most important thing is that you have fun with this. Don't stress yourself out. Thats how you lose motivation and end up quitting. You can do it! 화이팅!!


    Remember you have to be patient when you learn a language, you have to study and practice every day so that you can read and speak it correctly. Here is a list with a lot of content. I think it could be very useful for you.

    Resources To Learn Korean.

    I hope it helps you. :)


    Hi! Hang in there! I experienced the same thing when I started early this year around January-February. I use Duolingo to practice my comprehension and vocabulary but I didn't have time these days so I'm still level 4.

    I studied here: howtostudykorean.com

    Just sharing if you want it explained to you! Hope this helps! Have fun learning!


    It gets easier with practice, like most things. Lots of great suggestions have been posted here for you.

    1. Relax, make it fun, you are not going to die.

    2. Practice every day (but don't stress out if you miss a day) You might think about setting goals--number of minutes studied, number of words learned, number of XP's earned, etc.

    3. Supplementary websites are a great idea, and both those mentioned are very helpful (How to Study Korean & Talk to Me in Korean) and the resources posted by Ilvolover794 give you all kinds of possibilities to choose from. (Don't spend all your time surfing & choosing, though.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSPW6cx29bEindex=10list=PLPCs_Vng3vqCcGT71ZvP5wiWQhDgBzsEp is really efficient for learning as well as being fun (1st of more than 60)

    4. Flash cards are of course helpful. The Memrise website is good for that purpose, and in fact has courses that follow the above-mentioned "How to Study Korean."


    TinyCards!! SUPER HELPFUL!!


    You have to spend time every day. I suggest to the lessons multiple times. And if you are serious about learning the language, go to your local library and bookstore and borrow/purchase some textbooks. I don't think duolingo will be enough for you to actually learn the language. In my experience, duolingo is a good supplement to the curriculum you are actually doing. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to learning a language. You just need repeated exposure to the words and the grammar.

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