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Interactive map of North American Indigenous languages and treaties

Learn more about where you live. You can search your address and find out what indigenous languages, treaties, and territories are connected to your area.

Native-Land.ca is a resource to help North Americans learn more about their local history. Learn more at https://native-land.ca/.

In Pittsburgh, PA home of Duolingo, the indigenous language groups recorded on the map are Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) and Osage.

Click for larger image

If you are interested in learning Mohawk, check out susanstory's discussion Six Nations school launches app that teaches people to speak Mohawk.

If you are interested in learning Cherokee online, Click Here for more information.

(While you can type your city and state into the linked website, please, do not share your address in the Duolingo forums. If you are not sure what information you can share in the forums, you can click here to read the Community Guidelines. ^_^)

November 27, 2017



thank you Usagiboy7!

You so often inspire and delight with what you post!


Muchas gracias usagiboy!! ^^ ahora voy a tratar a aprender Cherokee!


QUE BUENO!! :D Buena suerte con Cherokee!


Thank you. Another great article. This is so interesting and informative.

And in addition, we were just having a discussion on the correct appellation for the populations of those found on the continents of North and South America when the Europeans arrived.


This is cool, thank you for sharing! =]


that article is great

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