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  5. "I do not have your number."

"I do not have your number."

Translation:Je n'ai pas ton numéro.

March 15, 2013



does this mean 'phone number'?


or room number or social security number...


Can it be used metaphorically like "I've got your number" meaning "I know you [or what you're doing]"?


Is "nombre" also acceptable here?


No, it does not work. Numéro de sécurité sociale, numéro de téléphone, numéro de code, numéro d'immatriculation = series of digits


I got a heart ripped out because DL thinks "Je n'ai pas votre nombre" is a correct solution (which of course isn't!). Reported it.


I took the Multiple Choice here and the 3 sentences were correct:

"Je n'ai pas votre numéro.", "Je n'ai pas votre nombre." and "Je n'ai pas ton numéro."

My question is: What's the difference between "numéro" and "nombre" here?

Thank you in advance!


"Un numéro" is a street number or a social security number or a license plate number or a phone number. It is not a sum or an amount or the result of a calculation, but a single digit or series of digits, which identify a classification of some sort.


Wow! It's kinda tricky!

Thank you very much, I'll take note of this! :)


So--how many people live in a city is un nombre, correct? Or any time I've performed a mathematical operation, even adding up the bill in a restaurant, I've come up with un nombre. But a digit (or series of them) used for classification / identification = un numéro. (I know I'm repeating what you've said, but just to make sure I get it.) I think that the English distinction between number and numeral (where the latter refers to the quantity as a concept, for mathematical purposes) is not nearly so precise. We tend to use "number" much more widely than the French seem to use either of their words. Thank you for the information!!


Sometimes you should add "de" after negation. Could anyone explain me when? For example I thought the correct answer for this exercise should be "Je n'ai pas DE votre numero" Or am I confusing it with something else?


"pas... de..." is used to mean "not any" and in the absence of another determiner, like a demonstrative or possessive adjective:

  • je n'ai pas de numéro = I do not have any number

  • je n'ai pas ce numéro = I do not have this number

  • je n'ai pas ton numéro = I do not have your number


Oh, thanks for clearing things up!


Am I stupid? I could have sworn number was "nombre".


Certainly not stupid, but unaware of the fact that "number" can also translate to "un numéro" if it is an identification number such as a phone number, a social security number or a vehicle plate number.

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