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"Chinese" in Chinese

I know how to say the Chinese language in Chinese(中文). Also, Chinese can be either, "中国人," "中华," or simply, "中国." Though what's the difference between the three?

November 27, 2017


[deactivated user]

    中国人= Chinese Person 中华= Stylised way of saying China 中国= China. BTW, most native speakers (me included) refer to Chinese (the language) as 汉语. If you're describing something that is Chinese, then you should use a genitive adjective 中国的.

    华夏 is the Classical Chinese name for China.


    Just an add on to Bill147479's comment: 语 means spoken language, and 文 is the written language. So:

    • 英语 - Spoken English
    • 英文 - Written English


    The literal definitions are correct, but in the general uses in daily life they are basically interchangeable. I think it is strange and unnecessary to say something like 我会说英语,但不会写英文。

    However attention is needed for some cases:

    • 汉语,中文 are the right words to use; 汉文 is strange and 中语 would be very strange. 中国语 can be understood, but hey, that's the Japanese way.
    • ‎American English is 美式英语 or 美语,rarely called 美式英文 and never ever 美文.
    • ‎English speaking countries is 英语国家,never 英文国家
    • ‎For languages of regional rather than country-wide use, they are usually not called 文, e.g. 闽语,粤语. Beware of political correctness when needed.


    你解释的很好啊,英文和英语其实没什么区别的 另外不是 闵语,是闽语,或者应该是闽南语


    谢谢! 还有不好意思啦,打错了闽做闵!用拼音键盘还真容易出错…


    English > Chinese |Byte Translator|

    Chinese ---> 中文 / 中华 China ---> 中国 Chinese People ---> 中国人

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    中文 ---> Chinese 中华 ---> Chinese 中国 ---> China 中国人 ---> Chinese People

    Chinese + English | Byte |Tips & Notes||

    文 | 语 - common endings - related to languages - 语言 means language in Chinese

    国 - common ending - related to countries or nations - 国家 means country in Chinese - 国旗 means nation/country's flag

    人 - common ending - literally translates into 'person', 'human', or 'people' - when modified by a country's name, it means that country's people

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