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Auf der grünen Wiese.

This must be wrong! In the lesson "Nature 2" I chose "In der grünen Weide." as the best option available to translate "on the green meadow" since Die Weide means a pasture or field [for animals]
OK, perhaps "Auf der grünen Weide." would have been more precise... but it wasn't on offer, and "In" is close enough to the meaning of "Auf"! ("In der grünen Weide" = "in the green meadow")... But I was told that the "Correct response" is: "Auf der grünen Wiese." But "Die Wiese." {f} means manner way fashion [manner, method] mode melody according to the online dictionary: https://www.dict.cc/german-english/Weise.html

November 27, 2017



Weise means manner (as per your link), but Wiese means meadow: https://www.dict.cc/?s=Wiese.


This is a bit confusing to read. You have written 'Wiese' in the heading, and then 'weide' x 4 and 'wiese' x 2 in the text, and then 'weise' in the link.


The question is not what is the best translation word-by-word, but what is the phrase actually used in German.

Etwas auf der grünen Wiese bauen means to construct something completely new without any prior foundation or infrastructure. How the grounds really look at the place of construction does not matter for the expression.

Also see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenfield_project

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You should look up the correct word in your dictionary and you will see that "Wiese, Weide" = meadow.


For me Wiese and Weide are very similar, but not exactly the same. Both are a place where grass grows, but a Weide is for animals (cows, sheep...).

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