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give back the question when wrong language is used.

It's not a big deal but it would be nice when this happen we would be told we used the wrong language and being asked again the question for us to use the correct language. Sometimes when we're 'flying' through the exercises this may happened. So it's not wrong but we only use the wrong language. "have a heart DL" :)) this accepts only one languages but this comment is for any learned language. So I picked "English"

November 27, 2017



i know what you mean, it happens to me too when I listen and type at the same time — I simply do not see that I'm supposed to type what I hear / not translate. I agree it is not a big deal, all the same I liked it better back when Duo told me "wrong language" and let me type again.


I hate this! Or an audio thing, where it says you type what you hear, but you're not thinking at all and you type it quickly only to realize you mentally translated it over as you did so... Always gets me. I wouldn't mind if they implemented that :')


Thanx guys that was quick! Like I said not big deal but it would be nice if they give the exercise again. French and Spanish don't or just report you use the wrong language.


Actually, I've gotten this type of message before. I think I typed English when it asked for Russian, and it let me know. But that was way back when, and I don't know if it's still like that.

Edit: Just tested it with Japanese. I didn't get the exact same message, but it's close enough to what you're asking I guess. Perhaps it's different with other languages...


Yeah, pet peeve of mine. But at the same time...it is user error.


Of course, there is one way round this problem. Read the question and give the correct answer.


I just wish that it was optional to translate spoken to text.

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