"Where did the student go last month?"

Translation:지난달에 학생은 어디에 갔어요?

November 27, 2017

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지난달에 학생은 어디에 갔어요? Honestly, the 지난달에 and 학생은 can be switched around colloquially.


How to know when to switch the student and time? Sometimes i get it right and sometimes wrong....


@duolinguo can we can any answer over here regarding the order of words?


지난달에 and 어디에, two location markers is ok? Or is one redundant? Or do you need both?


~에 is not just a location marker, it is also used for time when saying a specific period of time


Is it wrong to have a space between 지난 and 달?


This is my question. When I hover over "last month" it says 지난달에 (no space). When I come here to the discussion, it says 지난달에 (no space). However, when I used this as my answer, Duolingo told me I had an extra space and said that 지난 달에 was correct. So, which is it?


작년 but 지난달. Can anyone tell me if 작 and 지난 are completely interchangeable, or is this a Korean v. Sino-korean word thing?

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