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Who is hyped for more languages?

I am quite hyped but i'm mainly exited for Indonesian.

November 27, 2017



im excited for finish


Arabic and Hindi definitely!


Those two are the ones I want to taste next (though sometimes I feel my head is suffering dearly and is close to some limit, because of the other fifteen languages that I usually work on, so I am not sure I will even start these new two great languages, but I would love to).


No offence, but why would you be so hyped for new additions to a language learning method you have barely used yourself?


This might be their other account, or they just began studying a random language and want to learn the one that's not out yet :)

[deactivated user]

    I really want to learn Hindi because in my apartment complex there are a lot of Indian people.


    In my apartment complex there are a lot of Indian people as well, but they speak Nepali. Are you sure they speak Hindi?


    Indonesian is in the incubator, it will be here maybe next year, I hope so. In the meanwhile, you could try the reverse Indonesian/English tree.

    Bahasa Indonesia adalah bahasa yang super.


    I’m excited for Hindi!

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