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"Zprávu jsme poslali všem našim vdaným zaměstnankyním."

Translation:We have sent the message to all of our married female employees.

November 27, 2017



"that message" would be as good as "the message" in this case, wouldn't it?


I think that to be able to have "that message" as the translation, the Czech would have to be "Tuto zprávu" or something along those lines.


There is only "zpravu", I tried unsuccessfully "a message". Isn't it correct?

Again there are words added like "female". In other questions where the sex is obvious in Czech (not in English) nobody cares to stress that.


Translations using "a message" are accepted. Please use the Report button if you're fairly confident that your answer is correct; that will allow the course team to see and troubleshoot your exact translation.


We sent the message to all our married female colleagues. Why is this wrong?


The word used in the Czech translates to "employees," not "colleagues."


Why is našim used instead of the reflexive svým?


The extents of "my" who sent the message and "my" the "owner" (employer) behind the "našim" are not necessarily identical. So this matches one of ÚJČ's examples of when the non-reflexive possessive may be preferred: Doma u televize fandíme našim fotbalistům na mistrovství Evropy.

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