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Anyone here combining Rosetta Stone with duolingo?

Seems Rosetta Stone by itself is not very useful.. but combined with duolingo seems like it could be really useful because it reinforces what you have learned and you get more speaking practice. Anyone doing this?

November 27, 2017



I just use Duolingo and then set some money alight, which amounts to much the same thing...


I think you're being too nice to Rosetta Stone. Money burns a whole lot faster than Rosetta anything, so you're out a whole lot less time!


Bwahahahaha accurate!

I did try RS Hebrew, but there were actual errors in some of the Hebrew :-o so I really didn't trust it and asked for a refund.


I have never used Rosetta Stone and I imagine that it might be useful or even perfect for some, but the price is, like many have pointed out, a setback. I could also spend that money on buying books (i.e. literature, not textbooks) in my target language; €10 will, on average, get you 200 pages of fresh, new reading material! As for listening, I'd prefer to look for interesting youtube channels or series, either original or dubbed.

Whether you use RS or go for "cheapskate" alternatives, one thing must be clear: never see DuoLingo as a tool to achieve fluency. See it as a supplementary tool to other methods and materials.


I paid for an online, 3 month subscription of Rosetta Stone and it was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent.

The program is just rote memorization of a bunch of random words and phrases, and it provides no context at all as to what each phrase means. There are plenty of free resources that provide an equal level of content, so why pay for it?


No, but I use memrise with Duolingo. There is the same course on memrise as Duolingo for the language I am learning, so I follow along on both sites. I actually practice on memrise much more than Duolingo.

[deactivated user]

    Honestly I don't suggest using Rosetta stone at all. If you're looking for fluency a combination of Duolingo, a grammar book, and a flashcard program like Anki will serve you much better at a fraction of the cost. If you add immersive activities like watching movies and find a penpal to talk with on skype then you end up with a system which teaches much more for much less.


    My Gdaughter uses the Stone. I combine with Memrise.


    A friend of mine gave me all of Rosetta Stone's courses, so when I finish a course on DL, I bounce over to RS and start that one. DL makes it a lot easier to get through RS's course.


    What is Rosetta Stone?


    Rosetta Stone is the name of a language program.

    But the original Rosetta stone is an Egyptian artifact that holds the key to understanding Egyptian hieroglyphs. It is inscribed with two languages (Egyptian and Greek), using three scripts (hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek). The same content is inscribed in all three languages, so when the stone was discovered it caused a break through in understanding how to read hieroglyphics.


    I was thinking about doing Rosetta Stone but then I found out that you have to pay for it!

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