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What are gems?

On the app, I’m not sure if They are on the website, when you complete your streak, there are three treasure chests and you tap on them and you get gems. What are gems for? Where do you see how many you have? What’s the point? Thanks.

November 27, 2017



like this: give a gem (lingot) to someone who asks a good question or answers helpfully. Have a lingot!


Gems and Lingots are different currencies. You can't currently give Gems.


To clarify: those blue things that come up when you click the treasure cheest


This is actually not true for everyone. I get the treasure chests with good old normal (red) lingots.

Some people on app have gems while others have lingots, so the treasure chests are independent from that.


Thanks to the people who gave me lingots!¡¡! I’ll give some!

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