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@Contributors: Issue with "Dates, lesson 3"

The third lesson of the Dates-skill has only 1 sentence 「一年かかります」 which repeats over and over again, alternating between JA-EN and EN-JA. Based on the comments this has been going on for at least 4 months?!? Since there's no suitable report-option (the sound/translation/hoover-tips are fine afaik) I thought I'd try to get your attention to it this way =) None of the other "promised" words 「きょ年、今年、来年、おととし、さ来年」are "used/taught".

November 27, 2017



It's temperamental. Sometimes it repeats the same question over and over the way you've described, but on other occasions that same lesson works perfectly fine:


Thanks for pointing this out! So it might be more of a Duolingo-algorithm-thingy instead of something the Japanese contributors can do? Oh well... Nice screen cap btw =)

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