"Rashidi hutengeneza viti"

Translation:Rashidi makes chairs

November 27, 2017

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The dropdown defines "tengeneza" as makes, but to be more precise according to some dictionaries it means 1. Repair (something damaged) 2. Do something with mining/wood (I know it's really weird-sounding; it was translated with Google from a Swahili dictionary)

Babla Oxford GoSwahili (note this doesn't allow for a direct link to the word-specific page)

although wiktionary does claim that it means make. hmmm

Edit: just chanced upon this question


Tengeneza is make. Not sure Google is the most reliable translation source, it does tend to be a little off

[deactivated user]

    I agree that Google Translate is horrible for Swahili, and I wouldn't use it. However, I have found that typing something in the Google Search Box like "Swahili tengeneza" can bring up a huge number of examples. Then you need to check out the results that look most useful and decide whether the source looks credible or not. [Some are not.]

    I find two major meanings for -tengeneza: 1. make something, especially out of metal or wood; 2. fix something that is broken. [When it comes to food, many people accept "kutengeneza chakula", but some discourage this usage and suggest "kutayarisha/kupika chakula."


    Wrt chakula, one can use tengeneza. Its meaning is less to cook and more like 'making sure that all is put together (cooked, fruit, drinks, and all is ready)'. Also 'to repair' is common.

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