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New French club - competitive

Hey all I am starting a French club for those who are competitive - the club wants people to be engaged in posting and help each other when needed also.

100XP a week minimum to stay in club (which isn't much), and this number will probably go up. I will be checking Sunday evenings. Please only join if you're up for the challenge!


J'espère te voir

November 27, 2017



J'ai une question, si on déjà sait le français, on a apprendre plus d'habilités ou quoi? Parce que je suis terminé avec le cours de français sur Duolingo mais j'adore la langue français et technicallement je peux améliore mon français mais je peux pas apprendre plus sur Duolingo, c'est bon ou non?

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Have they improved the clubs? I was in one for awhile but there really was no interaction between the members, just posting extra points or streaks.


Here's a link to a pre-existing competitive french club if you're interested: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24853818

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