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  5. "那个故事很好笑!"


Translation:That story is funny!

November 27, 2017



那個故事好笑= That story is funny 那個故事“很”好笑=That story is “very” funny


In Chinese it's rare that and adjective isn't preceeded by 很 so it can be interpreted as either English sentence.


很 in this sentence is function word used for sounds smooth only. Actually, it's more close to verb "is". In many adjetive, you can see the same usage.

For example: 他很棒 He is great. If you wanna describe very, then say 他非常棒. Or we emphasize 很(make the long sounds) when speak, it also means very.


I thought you couldn't remove 很 ,

And that it being present, can mean either of "is" or "very"....

Now, you surprise me by totally omitting it


Given how most questions here will translate "很“ to "very" it maybe should be included in this question as well even though it is unnecessary.


I wrote "that's a funny story" and it was incorrect


Gramatically, it's right. But in chinese concept it's different description for different circumstances.

If you say that's a funny story, it emphasizes on story. The translation will be 那是個好笑的故事. It's just an expression, and we feel the topic ends now.

In this sentence is talking about funny. And usually following you will talk about why you think it's funny. So it's the beginning of the conversation.

I know it doesn't make sense, but this is cultural gap. We talk with many implications.


"That's a funny story"

Duo: Get out our of here with your barely rearranged 4 word sentence. That's wrong.

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