November 27, 2017



That's 꼴/꼴인 (goal/goal-in) in North Korea and 꼴문 is a gate there. Moreover, while ball generally is 공 in North and South, when it comes to sports such as football/soccer, 뽈 is used in the North instead. On a somewhat related note, 컵 is a "cup", but in North Korea this word is used only to refer to a tournament trophy. A regular cup to drink from would be 고뿌 (probably a word taken from Japanese, although of obvious English origins).
Overuse of tense consonants at the beginning of foreign words (as seen in 뽈, 꼴) is a very distinct trait of North Korean standard. Similar words which exhibit this phenomenon are 뻐스, 빠다, 뽀트 (bus, butter, boat).


Koreans will say "goal in" when a goal is scored.


This made me wonder how to spell GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!

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