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Songs for learning

In the German thread someone asked about songs to help learn the language. It made me remember BASHO and friends. The songs are very listenable and they reinforce simple vocabulary and grammar.


June 30, 2012

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Hi there, I'm at the Spanish (and French) section too ;). Was doubting whether to first ask about music first in the German or Spanish section, chose German since that is my maine focus for the coming months, but to see that nice you did here :). However, your link does not work (but I found it using your queries). This stuff is really useful for beginning, it's simple. But I can't listen to it for too long ;). Music is awesome, isn't it? It's relaxing & fun, but singing also can be a bridge between reading and talking/hearing a language. I like Jorge Drexler very much (al otro lado del rio), he wrote some music of one of my favorite movies, the Motorcycle Diaries (also recommended, lot's of spanish there).

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