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  5. "上海的天气怎么样?"


Translation:How is the weather in Shanghai?

November 27, 2017



"What is Shanghai's weather like?" should be acceptable.


Yeah, or "What is the weather in Shanghai like?" Reported


Or "what is the weather like in Shanghai?"


That would be an inquiry about a typical weather.

Not questioning the current weather.




"What is the weather like in California?" - Typically warm and sunny.
"How is the weather in California?" - It's been raining the past few days.

Those can be two different questions in English. How is the Chinese question supposed to be answered ??


"How is the weather in Shanghai like?" [Is this right / wrong?]. It is rejected: 04 mrt. 2020.


It's wrong because the English is incorrect. "How is" cannot be combined with "like" in that way, it has to be "what is".


"How is Shanghai's weather" "How is Shanghaiese weather" And "How is Shanghai weather" are all better translations considering there is no 在


Maybe literally speaking, but those all sound a bit awkward in English. We don't say "How is Chinese weather"...


What is the weather like


"What's the weather like in Shanghai" is also an acceptable answer


"what is the weather in Shanghai like?"


This is the most frustrating course ever!!!!!!!! Now "What's the weather like in Shanghai" is rejected.


Just use the word bank option whenever available to avoid the frustration


Yes, but if you want to actually learn a language then you need to progress beyond the word bank.


Sure. Its up to each individual, but you can redo the course without wordbank when you have a bit more confidence after using wordbank the first time. The number of correct answers from people not using the wordbank that get rejected can really destroy confidence and actually impede progress in learning. You think you know the answer and supply a correct answer that is then rejected so that leaves you thinking you don't know something when you do.


Word bank has its advantages too you can improve on the understanding of Chinese characters.


There is no zai.... How am I not supposed to read that the important part is the Shanghais modification or ownership of weather? Without the 在 to say that location is the emphasis the answer would be more likely to be "how is the Shanghai weather"


“How is Shanghai’s weather” sounds like a good translation. Don’t know if it is accepted. But in Chinese they don’t use 在 in a sentence like this.


It is not incorrect to say 'what is the weather in Shanghai'. Completely proper English!!!!!


What's the difference between 怎么样 and 怎么早 and 怎么办 ?


怎麼 means “how” or “why” or “what” so 怎麼樣 means “like what” and can be used to ask someone’s subjective opinion on a matter: 那家飯館怎麼樣? = What do you think of that restaurant?/What is that restaurant like?

怎麼辦 means “how to do” and if used by itself just means “what should we do next?”

Other uses include: “Banana” 怎麼說?(How do I say “banana?”); “香蕉”怎麼寫? (How do I write “banana?”); 飯館怎麼去?(How do I get to the restaurant?); 妳怎麼了?(What is going on with you?).

I’ve never heard of 怎麼早 but I’d guess it means “How early?”


There is no word called 怎么早 but 这么早 so early 怎么那么早 How are you so early


怎么办: What should I do? 我杀人了,我该怎么办? I killed someone, what should I do 怎么样: How is it? 你怎么样: How are you feeling? 这里的食物怎么样: How's the food here? (Good or bad) There is nothing called 怎么早 but 这么早? So early?


I wrote "of" instead of "in". It is not accepted.

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