"Which male celebrity do you like?"


November 27, 2017



I like how celebrity is "bright star" just like we refer to celebrities as stars in English.

November 27, 2017


Usually we only call someone 明星 if he/she is renowned for being an actor/actress or singer, or having engaged in other types of performances or sports.

November 29, 2017


In Spanish too, so I felt the same. There are lots of words like this in Chinese. Love Chinese :).

February 20, 2018


I think that 哪位 is even better than 哪个 because of the standard Chinese using 位 to identify the differences between human and others. So 你喜欢哪位男明星should be the right translation.

September 20, 2018


No it is not accurate to say so. Human can also be counted using 个. 位 is honorific.
You asking a friend : 哪个
You asking an actress as an entertainment reporter before the camera : 哪位

October 5, 2018


Why is it not OK to use 什么 instead of 哪个 here?

August 22, 2018


什么 means What, so it's just like in English we won't say "What male celebrity..."
We can use 什么 for the type of person (like profession, nationality, etc.) in a casual way, e.g. 什么人给我们派信?邮差。

August 25, 2018
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