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  5. "I want to buy a bag of rice."

"I want to buy a bag of rice."


November 27, 2017



I looked up all of the vocabulary before beginning the lesson and "袋", one of the new words listed for this lesson, is also a classifier for "bag" according to Wiktionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E8%A2%8B. (That source uses "一袋米" as an example.)

My answer, which used "袋" instead of "包", was nevertheless rejected. Seems like it should be accepted.


I too would have preferred 一袋 for this. When I bought rice at the market in China it was always in a 袋 not a 包. I would buy two kilos and they put it in a plastic carrier bag.


Had they given yi dai as an option then your answer would be correct. But from the given options only yi Bao was the correct answer.


This isn't relevant if you're using the keyboard and not the word bank. The fact is that 一袋 should be accepted.


What's the difference between 包 and 袋 as measure words?


Bao can also mean wrapped (sealed bag) dai is not a sealed bag


I am not sure this is exactly correct explanation. 袋子 = is like disposable bag you get for your groceries in the shop 包 = for this one i think its not even needed to be a bag, just a sealed package.


Sorry for the dumb question, but why not "我要买一包饭" ?


饭 is cooked rice. 我要买 is more like "I have to buy" or "I need to buy". With your sentence it sounds like your rice cooker broke and you need to get take away boiled rice.


What's wrong with 我要买一包米?Does it mean something different?


Hmph. I put "我想要买一包米“ and it said my answer was incorrect. I'm pretty sure that can be considered a correct answer.


Your sentence means. I should like to buy. This changes the meaning of the sentence as it is intended that you want to buy a bag of rice and not that you should like to buy one (but does not want at this moment).


"Should like to" is so utterly archaic in English that I don't even know for sure what it means. I only know it from movies made before I was born, and I'm fifty.

But I think "should" in that sense means the same as "would" as most people speak English today.



There is a subtle difference between should and would that has been eroded over the past 60 years at least. In this case the difference is important. It is a way to show the difference in meaning between 想买 and 想要买. In one case you want to buy, in the other your desire to buy is somewhat conditional.


I should make myself clearer.

想要买 means you desire to buy the thing but it only indicates that you desire it. Perhaps you won't or cannot buy it yet. It is your ability to obtain that which you desire that is conditional.

想买 there is no implication of conditionality. You want to buy (and you can).


Does 包米 also mean corn? Can this be confusing to a native speaker?


Would my failed attempt "我要买一袋米" be correct?


Basically yes. I personally think 一袋 is better for rice. Only issue is 要 makes it seem like you have to buy it/are definitely buying it now vs you want to (but might do it later).




The correct answer should be with 米饭, not only 米.


Isn't '我想买包米' also correct?


Your sentence would be just I want to buy ricesacks. Here it is asked for a specific amount of ricebags so you MUST give a number and measure word.


Under some conditions, we do just omit 一, so this sentence can be a possible translation. However this can be ambiguous as Brillenschnecke said, so using a complete sentence is better.


Andrew-Lin, could you clarify difference between 袋 and 包??

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