"Quatre est le double de deux."

Translation:Four is two times two.

March 15, 2013

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Yet another idiomatic mess. No English person would ever say "four is the double of two". I tried "four is two doubled" which is slightly better English, but [sighs] was not accepted.


"Four is twice as much as two" is one of the accepted translation and it makes more sense.


I agree. I looked at the accepted answers and thought "I'd never say or write any of those in English", then looked back at what I'd attempted as the translation and thought, "then again I wouldn't say that either."


Just for fun i wrote "four is the double of two" ...it actually shouldn't be accepted :-)


That is what I would say... it is the most literal translation after all.


"four is two times two" is accepted


"Four is twice two" is acceptable and is almost a literal translation that makes sense. I am surprise that such a deviation as 'two times two' is acceptable.


@Thomas, I was also surprised by that. What a rough translation.

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I suspect this is a question of the kind of English spoken by whoever was overseeing this translation - "twice two" is more British, "two times two" more American.


In Australian English we could acceptably say "four is double two" or "double two is four"


Canada too. Just lost me a heart for that, though.


"Four is double two" was my first guess (as a Brit), and it was incorrect. Reported.


It was accepted for me :)


As a fellow Aussie I beg to differ. We'd say "four is twice two" or "double (or twice) two is four.


As an Australian I would not say that - I would say "four is twice two" or "twice times two" but then again I'm pretty old!


It took me a little while to figure out how I'd actually say this in English after translating it as "four is twice two" (which is accepted, and was the least awkward/nonsensical way I could think of at first). What I'd really say is "four is two times two", rather than using the word "double" or "twice". It's not a word-for-word translation, but speakers of American English, at least, just wouldn't say it like the French version.


I am there, too, sometimes! After translating some of the sentences, I don't know how to speak in English! Haha!


This sounds amazing if you play it over and over again, it's like a rap ^^


I laughed when the first time i listen to it. I can just hear quatre est deudeudeu....


Two plus two is four minus one is three quick maths


Shouldn't "four is two times two" be accepted?


But my "two times two is four" was marked wrong!


Because you reversed the sentence. You need to say four first.


She put it that way because it is far more colloquial. That's how everybody says it.


It seems silly that in introducing 'le double' that Duo Lingo does not accept "four is two doubled", which is correct English - even if rarely used. To force the use of 'double' then accepted translations should be: Four is two doubled. Two doubled is four. Four is the double of two. Double two is four (or Twice two is four - which would be more common) Four is twice two (not Four is double two - not sure why but double doesn't work that way) "Doubled" is not that rare a word. For example "He doubled down on his bet." It does imply a past tense which "le double" does not, but French and English use of tense is not the same in many areas (much to my frustration!). :-)


@john27rg, "Four is two doubled" is the best English structure I've heard so far, but you said it's not accepted? This is just plain weird.


I thought the usual French for 'four is two times two' is ' quatre est deux fois deux' any comments?


Can someone please explain to me why "Four is twice of two" is not accepted? Thanks.

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We just don't say "twice of", I'm afraid, not to my knowledge (native to Western North America).


what about "4 is 2x2", it was not accepted, but means the same as "four is two times two". would save a lot of typing time in timed practice :)


It is common usage to write out the numbers one through ten as words. But if they'll add that, more power to you.


Hi Mike, Ya, I was just curious.. At one point, DL did show a percentage, but now I cannot find that. Inspiration for you.. The former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, took up studying Chinese and continued to do so into his 90's. There is a fair amount of Chinese speakers in Singapore, and he wanted to be able to address them in Chinese. He is known as the father of Singapore, having developed it from mud flats and a third world country, into the thriving financial metropolis that exists today. Yet all the while he continued to study his Chinese. So I know I have the time to study as well.


Cant i say 'equals'?


de deux.... these two words are pronounced exactly the same?


Almost. Deux is more of a long 'u' while de is a shorter 'u'


Can't four also be two PLUS two? That's also double.


Sure, but my common sense tells me these two words, plus, and double are different...One is addition, the other is multiplication.


I said "four is twice as many as two" and was marked wrong :(


Hmm. It seems my french is degrading my maths, especially after i put "four times two is two" moving on now...


twice two is four should also be accepted


Quatre est deux fois deux?


2+2=4 2x2=4 so except both "times" and "plus" why is there only one exceptions??????


Please come with a better question than this math quotation thank you

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