"Do we eat breakfast at 8?"


November 27, 2017

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I believe that you can place 八点 before the pronoun and it will still make grammatical sense.


It will still be correct, but the emphasis becomes 8 am rather than we. Strictly speaking it will be asking what will happen at 8 am, rather than when we will have breakfast.


Sorry, this is confusing me. How can it be asking what will happen at 8? It's a yes/no question. I would have thought that if 八点 was first, the emphasis is now on the time, so it's likely assumed we are having breakfast together, I am just confirming the time. If 我们 was first, I'm more likely asking if we having breakfast together, or at all.


Could you say 我们上午八点吃早饭吗?or 我们早上八点吃早饭吗?to emphasize that it is in 8 in the morning and not 8 at night? I was marked wrong for those, maybe it is redundant to say 上午 or 早上 because you're also saying 早饭 ?


I understand what you're trying to say, but based on the sentence given no time period was asked for. So saying 上午/早上 for this sentence wouldnt be completely necessary. However when in conversation it can be used for your choice to distinguish the time period


Often times Duo's answer tree is pretty bare. If you think your answer is correct, you should report it


If you were to ask if it is at 8 or 9, for instance, would you put the 八或九点 between the subject and verb, like most adverbs? "我们八或九点吃早饭?"


To make it a question distinguishing between 8 and 9, you need 还是 (exclusive or) not 或者 (inclusive or).


Some times your options are wrong.

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