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Is there going to be a new stories language

I checked out the stories thing in labs today and there is only portugues and spanish. Not that I hate that, but I am doing german and would like to know if they are going to add more languages.

November 27, 2017



In the near (or maybe not near) future, I believe there will be more languages available. But, this feature is fairly new compared to others, so it would only make sense if they used two languages to test the feature out.


Duolingo Stories is only an experimental project and is in Beta, so it'll be expanded into more languages if it graduates :)


Duolingo Stories Update

For now Stories is only in Spanish and Portuguese, we are very aware that people want these in more languages so there’s no need to leave comments about that.


I agree I would like some in french as well


I agree. Its a cool idea, and fun, too. :) It's been just those two languages for a long time. I hope they look at it soon. I would like Italian or Chinese to be added next.

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