How can I provide feedback to this course? I know it's still in beta but giving (and receiving) feedback is an option to improve the course. Should I send an email to Duolingo as usual or should I do another thing, like contact the course developers?

November 27, 2017


Assuming this is a good place for feedback, may I ask to see the meaning of characters every time I see them, rather than just towards the end of the lesson when we do translations? This will make it easier to remember what each character means, rather than just the sound it makes.

Thanks for the class!

As far as i know, the only way to see the meaning of the characters is during the sentence tests when you can hover over the words to get hints. The characters of a word are often introduced individually, so for example 再见 is split into 再 and 见, so you'd be seeing the meanings for the individual characters (再: again, 见: see, meet). Sometimes this makes sense, but others (无聊 = boring, where 无 is something like “not having" and 聊 is more commonly used for "to chat") it doesn't work so well.

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