"Slow down, please."


November 27, 2017



Why is 请慢 not enough?

November 27, 2017


To me (native speaker) it doesn't sound like a complete sentence. It would be like saying "please slow", and slow is not a verb in chinese. The “一点儿” here makes the translation closer to "slower please".

November 27, 2017


What would it sound like to you without the 儿? It would still be grammatically correct, wouldn't it?

March 23, 2018


Yes it would make sense. Honestly, here it's just personal preference

March 31, 2018


Does "please" always have to come first? Why won't the two first characters ('please'+'slow') suffice? What do the last three characters mean? Does the hint for "down" point to a character referring to the direction 'down' (the character was not available for choosing)?

January 3, 2018


Yes, "please" always has to come first. It would sound incomplete without the last part. The last few words literally translate to "a bit". And I don't understand the last part

March 31, 2018


as Swansae said, slow is not a verb in chinese, and so the sentence doesn't work gramatically when it's just "please slow". 一点 means "a bit" or "a little" so the sentence roughly translates as "slower, please". 二 is a personal preference and certain dialects use it more than others. Yes, 下 translates to down but can be used differently in different contexts.

June 26, 2018


=Please slow down =Slow down a bit

April 26, 2018


You still need the "please" to be polite

August 22, 2018


Why not 慢下?

July 9, 2018
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