"The trip is long."

Translation:Die Reise ist lang.

November 27, 2017

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Warum nicht "Die Fahrt ist lang"?


That sounds like a reasonable translation to me; report it if you'd like.


Die Fahrt is referred to as 'the trip' elsewhere in training, yet "Die Fahrt ist lang" is not permitted for this question.


"Die Fahrt ist lang" is not permitted for this question.

That's right. It's not on the list of accepted answers that the Pearson editors added to this sentence.

You can report it if you want but I don't think anything will happen.

(background info: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24066422/Interference-from-the-Pearson-course )


Can I use the verb ,dauern' instead of ,sein' here to give some indication of the length of time taken? zB ,,Die Fahrt dauert lang.''


"Der Trip ist lang." for "the trip is long" ? really? funny how the translation here on the discussion page is "Die Reise ist lang."


Both are possible, though (der) Trip in German usually refers to a shorter period of time or distance.


I've most often heard der Trip in reference to a drug trip.


Der Ausflug "Wir haben am Wochenende einen schönen Ausflug gemacht" "We had a nice weekend trip."


Why can't Farien be used as Farien refers to a vacation in time?


Why can't Farien be used

There's no such word in German as Farien.

Farien refers to a vacation in time?

A vacation is Ferien (with e not with a).

It refers to time off from school.

It does not refer to a trip.

You can spend you Ferien at home and they're still Ferien.

You can go on a school trip and it's a strip but not Ferien.

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