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How to add a new lesson to a tinycards deck?

Hi I am creating my own deck of cards, but can't see how to create a new lesson. All the cards I add go into lesson 1 only. I have looked online and in the Android app. but can't see a function to do this. Can anyone tell me how to do it?


November 27, 2017



You can't make lessons. Tiny Cards will make new lessons if you have more cards. If you add 10 cards there will be two lessons.


Ok, thank you! I hadn't realised it was a set number of cards. Is there any way of varying this number that you know of?


Create New Deck - hit 'create +' in the top right corner

Move to next Lesson - it unlocks by itself

Create New Lesson - sorry, Duo does this by itself


What do you mean by "new lesson?" You're going to need to elaborate on that if you want better help.


If I look at the card set that I have created, there is a tab labelled "Lessons" and then under that a set of cards labelled "1". The other lessons are all grey padlocks. I have added 25 cards to this set/lesson 1 and it still only shows 1 lesson. I had assumed that you created multiple "lessons" (i.e. the levels someone has referred to below) since this is the language used in Tinycards. Have I misunderstood?!

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