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  5. "Je devět takových míst."

"Je devět takových míst."

Translation:There are nine such places.

November 27, 2017



I don't understand the logic of this... Why cannot it be everything in Nominative?


It's because numerals higher than 4 (ie. 5+ and indefinite numerals) are not viewed individually but as one group. Then you say what the group consists of and for that, you use the genitive plural. You use the numeral in the nominative (devět), the verb in the singular (je) and the noun that develops the numeral in genitive plural (míst). The pronoun "takový" is so-called "přívlastek shodný", it's attached to the noun (míst) in the sentence, so it will also be in the genitive plural.


And if it will be three places, then we have to use the verb in the plural? Jsou tři takových místa?


Yes, exactly, but the pronoun "takový" stands in front of the noun and it has to agree with it (in gender, number, case). So when you talk about 3 places, you use verb in plural, you use the noun in the nominative plural (it's the subject), like you did perfectly and "takový" will also be in the same case/gender/number as the noun (nominative neuter plural).

"Jsou tři taková místa."


This language is really hard!


Would it be incorrect to say "jsou tři takové místa"?


Yes and for the exact reason explained above by Jamie.


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