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Denke vs Glaube.

Hey everyone. In English we use 'I think' for both thinking about something and having an opinion on something. I think I understand these two words but I would just like to confirm it. So 'Ich glaube' is kind of like 'I reckon' Ich glaube dass wir gewinnen werden. However 'Ich denke' is more thinking on something Ich denke an meinen Hund. Is this correct?

grüße liebe


November 27, 2017



I would say it's pretty accurate. Although when expressing a belief or an opinion "denken" and "glauben" are often interchangeable.
So "Ich denke, dass wir gewinnen werden" is also possible. (Whereas "ich glaube an meinen Hund" has a completely different meaning than "ich denke an meinen Hund").


To clear the last sentences up with a better example:

'Ich denke an dich!' means, that someone thinks of someone else, because he might love him or she or something else.


'Ich glaube an dich!' has - as Kit845299 wrote, a completely different meaning: This means, that someone believes in the abilities of another one, for example that he or she can pass a test or win a race.

An 'enhancement' of the last sentence is 'Ich glaube an Gott!', which is the expression for the idea, that a God exists, that can do something for us.

As for the difference between 'denken' and 'glauben' in daily use: I use 'ich denke', if I am pretty sure, that something would be as I think it would be, but may be not too. I use 'Ich glaube', when I am not sure about something.


Thankyou. You wouldn't say I reckon about my dog but you would say I think about my dog. But in English you could say either I reckon we're gonna win or I think we're gonna win. So very similar to English.


In German it is somewhat like in English. "Denke" and "Glaube" can be used interchangeably if you want to say that you have an opinion on something. "Ich denke, dass dies richtig ist" and "Ich glaube, dass dies richtig ist" convey the same meaning, more or less. The difference is, that glaube is somewhat looser than denke. When you say "Ich glaube" you're open to different opinions. If you say "Ich denke" you're more convinced that something must be this way, as "denken" can mean "to reason". But those two sentences basically convey the same meaning. So "Ich glaube, dass wir gewinnen werden" and "ich denke, dass wir gewinnen werden" convey the same meaning. If you want to say that you think about something you say e.g. " Ich denke an meinen Hund ". It's the same as in English.


Hi Cluney,

as the others already wrote. In many sentences these two words are interchangeable. But not always. If you want to express in your opinion something could be, but you're not sure both words are fine. 'glauben' is to believe, to reckon. 'denken' is to think, to conceive. 'Ich glaube an Gott' (I believe in God) or 'Ich denke an Gott' (I think of God) there's a big difference. Have a look at leo.org and compare. It could help you to feel and to understand the difference.



Best regards Angel


Thankyou. I think this list will come in handy when I play with my friend on the weekend. He's a German-Australian. I will be able to review this list if I want to give my opinion on something. Thankyou.


I always thought Denke meaning think (or I think) and Glaube meaning believe (or I believe). Hope that helps! :)


Hi Amelie,

you are right. But we also use 'glauben' when we want to express that we assume something. 'Ich glaube, es regnet bald'/'Ich denke, es regnet bald' Both expressions are common and used.

Best regards Angel

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