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  5. what does 'movie' mean?


what does 'movie' mean?

I always thought that 'movie' meant a film. Duolingo seems to think it means the cinema. I think you need a UK English version of this lesson (Arts)

November 27, 2017



it can mean both, just go with what duolingo has it as. duolingo does a lot of things like that.


"Movie" means a film. "The movies" can mean either films or the cinema.


haven't you ever heard the phrase "going to the movies"


Duolingo uses US english for their courses. However, UK English should be accepted in answers. If not, report it.

[deactivated user]

    Take clues from the context. "Let's go to the movies" Means lets go to the cinema. But "Let's go see some movies" means let's go see some films


    a cinema is a movie theatre and a movie is the thing that the movie theatre plays


    movie - film ( I like that movie ) Movies ( more than 1 ), and cinema . Ej. I go to the movies.

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