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  5. " Menschen essen Tiere."

" Menschen essen Tiere."

Translation:Humans eat animals.

November 27, 2017

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Audio didn't play


We're aware of the large number of people reporting audio problems on this sentence, so I've tried to disable "type what you hear"-type exercises. This doesn't solve the problem of the audio not playing when you click the icon, but hopefully eases the frustration a little. Doing any more than this will require technical intervention from Duolingo staff (as opposed to we volunteers).

In the meantime, if you want to help Duolingo solve the bug, you should send a report! Be sure to mention what kind of exercise it was, whether you're using the web or app version (and what operating system or browser you are using). Thanks for your understanding!


I translated this as "Human beings eat animals." and the program counted this incorrect. I believe that the translation I gave is as accurate as the suggested translation, "Humans eat animals."


True, that should probably be accepted. Report it as a missing translation if you'd like.


Whats the difference between luete and menschen?


Roughly speaking, Leute is "people" and Menschen is "humans". But sometimes Menschen is also used where we would say "people" in English -- in that usage, they mean more or less the same thing. I'm not sure how to explain the nuances.


In this one "people" is wrong, but in the last one the answer for "people" was Menschen so I don't get when it means "people" and when it means "humans"


The general translation is "Menschen" = "humans" and "Leute" = "people." They can be fairly interchangeable sometimes, and "people" seems reasonable to me here, but your safest bet (at least for Duolingo purposes) is using "human(s)" for "Mensch(en)."


Why can't it be the people eat animals?


Because the German sentence does not talk about "the people" (= a specific group of people that you had been speaking about earlier in the conversation, or which is somehow obvious from the context) but about "people" (= people in general).

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