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How to include multiple adjectives in sentences

I came across the sentence "Nous visitons les jolis petits villages." in one of my English-French lessons.

1) Can it be written as "Nous visitons les petits jolis village"?

2) Also as a side question, how about with non-BANGS adjectives? Would this be a correct translation of "I like red, fresh, and juicy apples"? e.g. J'aime les pommes rouges, fraiches, et juteuses.

3) What about when there are both types of adjectives? Is this example correct? e.g. La petite belle fille rousse

Merci d'avance!

November 27, 2017



Think of BANGS adjectives that go before the noun in the order of :


In you example - "Nous visitons les jolis petits villages." - joli precedes petit which fits into BANGS order.

As for adjectives that follow the noun, their order is less important, perhaps pending on the import of the characteristic.

In your 3rd point, it would be better to express it as La belle petite fille rousse.. → Beauty preceding Size.


Overall, the order goes from the more subjective to the more objective.

In the case of multiple adjectives, overall, they will keep their primary placement:

  • "un joli chat",
  • "un chat blanc",
  • "un joli petit chat blanc",
  • "mon premier joli petit chat blanc courageux",
  • "mon premier propre petit chat blanc courageux"...

When the list becomes too long, you can add connectors or adverbs to break the flow:

  • "mon premier petit chat blanc et courageux",
  • "mon propre tout petit chat blanc très doux".

I found an article (in French) of interest for you on this matter: http://monsu.desiderio.free.fr/atelier/adjordre.html#multiples

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