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"Which food does this dog eat?"

Translation:이 개는 어느 음식을 먹습니까?

November 27, 2017



this doggo has some class He only consume starbuckscoffemacdonaldcolabaskinrobinsicecream ............


Whats the difference between 어는 and 어떤?


Check the most recent talk to me in Korean video. They talk about just that ;)


can i say 이 개가 instead of 이 개는 in this instance?


What is the difference between 어느 and 어떤?


Eoneu is 'which' Eotteon is 'what kind'


What is the difference between 무엇 and 무슨. I have read some explanations and still don't get it so please give me an example.


Check out this video from Talk to Me in Korean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvyAulhELw0

The video discusses the difference between 뭐, 무슨, 어떤, and 어느 (by the way, 뭐 is just the shortened form of 무엇). It explains what each is used for and gives examples for each.


Why is there a 이 before the 개는?


Why do we need to specify 'this' dog instead of just having 개는?


"이" indicates proximity to the speaker.

Since Korean has no articles, "개는" could mean "a dog (in general)" or "the dog (indicating some proximity, but not being specific)".

"이" does not mean "a dog (in general)", nor "the dog (which might be near the person being spoken to, or near neither of you)", but "this dog (near me)".


Why not 식사 for "eat"?


식사하다 is a polite way of saying "to eat" (i.e. to dine). Dogs, like any other animal, do not dine; they eat just to eat.


식사 is meal 먹습니까 is eat


Why is the 어느 between 개는 and 음식을?


The dog eats Purina


What's the difference between 음식이 and 음식을? Is there a time when one must be used instead of the other? Or are they just interchangeable?


I'm replying kind of late so I don't know if you still need help, but I'll put this here anyway.

이/가 is the subject particle and 을/를 is the direct object particle. They are not interchangeable.

You use the subject particle when the word it's attached to is the noun performing the verb. So for example, you would say, "개가 먹습니다." (The dog eats.) The dog is the noun performing the action of eating, if that makes sense.

You use the direct object particle when the word it's attached to is what/who the verb is being performed on or to. So using the example from above you could say, "개가 음식을 먹습니다." (The dog eats food.) What does the dog eat? Food. So food is the direct object here.

Hopefully this helps you. 화이팅!


What is the difference and use of 어느 and 어떤?

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